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  1. Waza are the different techniques performed in Kendo. Techniques can divided into shikake-waza (to initiate a strike) and ōji-waza (a response to an attempted strike).[22] Kendōka who wish to use such techniques during practice or competitions, often practice each technique with a motodachi
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  4. In the diagram, there are six techniques in shikake waza. There is debana waza in shikake waza. I personally thought it should be in oji waza because you react to your opponent’s attack. However, according to Kendo -Physical Education Text Book- by All Japan Kendo Federation, debana waza is a part of shikake waza.

Privacy Policy | Disclaimer and Terms of Use | COMPENSATION AND AFFILIATION AFFIDAVIT | Contact. kendo-bogu.com gives you the easy instruction of Kendo Bogu. A Kendo Bogu consists of a Men , Kote, Tare and a Do. Each part consists of smaller parts and each of them have a name and duty They are both to more your opponent's shinai out of your way. Hari is less risky than harai since the movement is smaller. But if you do it too weak, your opponent's shinai will stay in the centre.  Последние твиты от Kendo Kaponi (@KENDOTHEDEMON). Nosotros somos los mejores de el mundo Numero de contrataciones 17876909305. puertorico In harai waza, you sweep your opponent’s shinai away from the center with your shinai. It is commonly used to make an opening and strike. Harai-men and harai kote are popular kendo techniques.

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You execute your attack fully so that it can be a valid cut. However, you know your opponent will react to your first strike (you are anticipating) so you execute another strike.Hiki waza: In hiki waza, you strike hiki-men, hiki-kote or hiki-do from tsubazeri-ai. Hiki means “going backwards” in this case. Kendo Kata are fixed patterns that teach kendoka (kendo practitioners) the basic elements of swordsmanship. There are two roles, uchidachi (打太刀), the teacher, and shidachi (仕太刀), the student Harai waza: Harai means "sweep". You may have heard of "ashi-barai" in other martial arts such as judo and karate. As ashi-barai is translated as "foot sweep", you sweep your opponent's shinai. Tags: 2016 , Album , cd de reggaeton , discos , Kendo Edition , Kendo Kaponi , latin , musica , unreleased , urbano ,

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  2. Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship (kenjutsu) and uses bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armour (bōgu). Today, it is widely practiced within Japan and many other nations across the world
  3. Kendo-Guide.Com. Need Kendo Instructions? As we all know, kendo is derived from kenjutsu. So these techniques are based on these kenjutsu techniques
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  5. I do not want to think that the first and/or second strike of these consecutive strikes are fake. “Fake” is to trick your opponent. We want to fight fair and squire. That is the golden rule in kendo.

In debana waza, you strike men or kote at the moment when you sense your opponent’s intention to execute his/her attack. Debana-men and debana-kote are most commonly used kendo techniques. Kendo was in a sorry state at that time: the Dai Nippon Butokukai (the overarching organisation in Five years later, kendo was still lagging behind judo in terms of popularity, both at home and abroad If you execute this technique with the right timing and the right amount of strength, you will actually spin off your opponent shinai from his/her hands. 

Uchiotoshi waza is very rare in the modern kendo because strikes are too small for us to execute this technique. In Stock Kendo Bogu sets are the best choice if you are looking for a quick delivery, and the best price for your equipment. We carry over 1000 bogu sets in our warehouse, with a variety of sizes and.. 498 €. Denn auch am Anfang Deiner Kendo-Laufbahn sollst Du gut geschützt sein! Die Rüstungen kommen direkt aus Japan, alle gängigen Größen der Rüstung sind dort auf Lager - die Lieferzeit..

In kendo, techniques are categorized into two; shikake waza and oji waza. Waza is technique in Japanese.Kaeshi-waza: Kaeshi waza is seen in kata No.4 (tsuki-kaeshi-men). In kaeshi waza, your wrists rotates to strike a target. In kendo, men-kaeshi-do is most commonly used. Some people are good at kote-kaeshi-men.I recommend to do this when you strike your opponent's kote after using the hari motion from the ura of your opponent's shinai. 

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Even though you react and counterattack your opponent, you do not want to be in the state of “fleeing”. Before executing an oji waza, you should already win the mind game before actual striking happens. In other words, you should make your opponent to strike as you want (ideal). Looking for a high end Hakama for Aikido, Kendo or Iaido and don't know how to choose? Choosing the Hakama based on the Martial art you practice. Finish. Aikido. Iaido/Kendo. Comments

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Katsugi is a noun form of “katsugu” that means “to carry on your shoulder”. So in katsugi waza, you lift your shinai towards your left or right shoulder instead of above your head and strike kote, men or do.In kata No.7, you avoid your opponent’s men cut by just moving to the right while striking your opponent’s do. Men-nuki-do is also introduced in Bokuto niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko-ho (kihon 5).

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Katsugi waza: This is a technique most often used to surprise your opponent. There is a time that you cannot find any openings after you tried everything. This is the time for you to use a katsugi waza. Jsme olomoucký oddíl Kagawa-kai věnující se tradičnímu japonskému bojovému umění kendó. Tréninky se konají třikrát týdně pro dospělé a jednou týdně pro děti. Jsme členy České Federace.. So in Kihon 9 of Bokuto niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko-ho, you knock down your opponent’s do strike and strike men.Suriage waza: Suriage waza is seen in kata No.5 (men-suriage-men) and kata No.6 (kote-suriage-kote). Suriage can be done with omote (the left side of a shinai) or ura (the right side of a shinai).The techniques introduced here are to kill your opponent's sword. Click here for more information on "san-satsu".

This video is a part of Kendo Basics I and introducing how to sit in seiza and perform mokuso (meditation) in kendo and you can practice at home too Shogun Kendogu - online kendo equipment webshop. As one of few online kendo suppliers that can draw on a wealth of experience from Japanese kendoka craftspeople, we can provide you with quality.. It is similar to ai-men (both striking men) but your sword cuts your opponent before your opponent cuts you. So it looks like men strikes in kata No.4, in which both uchitachi andshitachi strike men. Then if one uses kiriotoshi in that situation, he/she can cut his/her opponent. It is one motion.Uchiotoshi: Some people say it is the same as kiriotoshi and others disagree with that. Kiriotoshi is the ultimate technique of Itto-ryu. Men-kiriotoshi-men is considered to be the most difficult technique.

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Maki waza: In maki waza, you hook your opponent shinai with your shinai and spin up or down your opponent’s shinai. kendo-pouchdb has following set of features: Sorting and filtering. Include jQuery, Kendo UI, pouchdb and pouchdb-collate.js. Optionally, add pouchdb.find.js for more flexible sorting and filtering Would you like to subscribe to the Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter to receive updates and exclusive videos only available for subscribers and patrons.  Click here to find out more about the newsletter or click the orange button below to subscribe right now.  

Kendo Kaponi. 178K likes. Artist. See more of Kendo Kaponi on Facebook The jodan stance in kendo is renowned for its aggresiveness and distinctive sillhouette. Understanding this kamae is key to unravelling Kendo's philosophy However, uchiotoshi is two motions. What you do in uchiotoshi, you knock down your opponent’s shinai coming towards a target and strike. Uchiotoshi means “to knock down”.Hari Waza: Hari is very similar to harai but it is more like a "slap". It is very hard to distinguish between "harai" and "hari".  Single strikes are easy to understand, aren't they? You are striking men, kote, do or tsuki, when you think you should strike. So you are in your striking distance and you go when you think you should.

As we all know, kendo is derived from kenjutsu. So these techniques are based on these kenjutsu techniques. It is recommended to learn these techniques step by step.Debana means “just about to happen/start”. It is also called "degashira". The same meaning but a different way to express it. There are more techniques that are not listed here. Some of the techniques listed here are already very advanced. So probably if you are not 4th dan or above, you do not have to worry about other techniques such as katate (one-handed) waza. 

An environment designed to help you get up and running with Kendo UI quickly. Create and modify LESS based themes for Kendo UI widgets To spread and promote Kendo, the great Kenshi selected by 47 prefectural Kendo Federation will compete to win the Emperor's Trophy in an exhibition of the highest level of Kendo Nuki waza: Nuki waza is seen in kata No.1 (men-nuki-men), kata No.2 (kote-nuki-men) and kata No.7 (men-nuki-do). You can avoid a cut to your men or kote by lifting your arms up (kata No.1) or down (kata No.2).

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